Active Transportation Month  Active Transportation Month starts this week at Washington University!  It is a time to get more active in your daily routine.  If you cannot imagine going car-free, consider carpooling or budgeting time to try transit one or two days during the month.  If you are an everyday cyclist, try and commit to going grocery shopping or getting to and from the laundromat on two wheels.  Whatever your commitment to active transportation is today, we ask that you step it up over the next month!
All WUSTL faculty, staff, and students living off-campus are also encouraged to form teams and sign up for the Active Transportation Challenge by next Monday, October 5.  The Challenge runs October 5-28, and all participants will receive a free t-shirt.  Please remember to log your trips to and from campus through  Awards will be given to teams with the highest number of car-free trips, greatest number of car-free miles, and largest number of team members at the end of the month.  The winners will celebrate together over a catered lunch.
We look forward to seeing you!  Happy transit!

  Active Transportation Challenge Registration