Alerts & Closures

Please be aware of important summer alerts and closures. These include:

(New as of Nov. 30)
Passport Parking, an app that individuals can download to their smartphones in order to pay for parking by the hour, will soon be available on campus. Testing is now underway and signage is being posted in designated visitor spaces, the Wallace garage, and the South Campus and Church lots. The team anticipates it will be ready for use starting Dec. 15. In the meantime, daily parking hangtags will continue to be valid in visitor spaces.

(New as of Nov. 17)
Parking Permit Waitlist: As of Thursday, Nov. 16, the parking permit waitlist has been cleared and notifications have been sent to those on the list. This includes all zones as well as individuals who wish to enroll in the Occasional Parking Program. Starting today, all new parking permit requests will be placed on a fresh waitlist, which will be reviewed in January 2018. As a reminder, parking permits are not available to first or second year undergraduates.

Effective Sunday, November 5: Campus2Home service will begin at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. Due to daylight saving time ending.

The parking spaces along Forsyth Blvd have been designated as “perimeter red” spaces, which require a red permit Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside of those hours, no permit is required.

Effective Immediately – The West Campus shuttle’s east end bus stop is now in the parking lot in front of Goldfarb Hall.
This will replace the bus stop on the south side of Forsyth, eliminating the need to cross Forsyth.

Effective Immediately:  Between the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., no permit is required to park in any yellow space in any zone.

Effective Immediately – No parking on Hoyt Drive
Parking is prohibited along the north and south entries to Hoyt Drive. These areas are for drop off and pick up only. Cars left unattended are compromising the designated fire lanes and blocking traffic. Those in violation will be towed.

Effective now – Changes to DUC Garage
The first level of the DUC Garage and the ramp leading to the second level will become designated Visitor/Admissions Parking Only. All permitted parking will be prohibited in that area. Permitted parking is on the 2nd and 3rd levels only. Until pull-and-pay technology is available, visitors must purchase a daily permit at the Parking & Transportation Office at North Campus. A select number of visitor passes are available at the DUC as well as in the Knight Center.

Reminder – East End of the Danforth Campus closed to parking
Parking is no longer be available on the east end of the Danforth Campus but spaces are available in the core of campus, on the South 40, and at West Campus.