Metro Transit U-Pass

Metro U-Pass TransitWashington University in St. Louis and Metro, the regional agency that provides public transportation services, work together on an agreement in which the university pays Metro for the U-Pass program. The U-Pass program provides free Metro passes to full-time students, benefits-eligible faculty and staff, and full-time employees of qualified service providers who perform daily tasks.

The Universal Pass Program, or U-Pass, provides students and other m​embers of the university community much greater access to the St. Louis metropolitan region through public transit. It applies to both Metro buses, the MetroLink light-rail system and Call-A-Ride Paratransit service.

Register for a U-Pass

Login with your WashU Key:

The U-Pass must be renewed each semester for students and annually for faculty and staff.

Get Your U-Pass

To register for the program, complete a U-Pass request form online. The form must be completed online. Once Parking & Transportation Services has processed your request, a pass will be issued. You will be able to choose your preferred delivery method when you complete the request form.

Benefits-Eligible Faculty, Staff, Postdoctoral Students and Fellows

Fiscal Year 2017: Benefits-eligible faculty and staff members, postdoctoral students and fellows login

Employees use a HRMS employee self-service ID and password to access the U-Pass request form. If you do not know your ID and/or password or if you need assistance logging in, please contact Systems and Procedures at 314-935-5707.


Spring 2017: Students login
Students use WebSTAC information to access the U-Pass request form. If you need assistance logging in with your WebSTAC information, please contact Systems and Procedures at 314-935-5707.


Employees must be benefits eligible to be eligible for the U-Pass. If you are a new employee, there is a short waiting period, normally no longer than one week from your start date, before your U-Pass eligibility will be finalized and you will be able to request a U-Pass successfully.

If you are a benefits-eligible employee who has been at the university for longer than this required verification time and receive a message from the U-Pass request system that you are not eligible for the U-Pass, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 314-935-4140.

To be eligible for the student U-Pass, you must be registered as a full-time student for the semester for which you are requesting the pass. If you have completed your registration and attempt to request your U-Pass immediately, you may still be declared ineligible. Our system is updated once daily. If you’re having difficulty with the U-Pass application process, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at or 314-935-4140.

Using Your U-Pass

The pass may be used on all Metro buses and the MetroLink light-rail system. The U-Pass is also valid for use on Madison County buses. There are no restrictions on the area or on times the pass is valid.

To ride Metro buses or the MetroLink with your U-Pass, you must also have your WashU ID with you. When you ride a Metro bus, you will swipe your U-Pass through the card reader when you board. When you ride MetroLink trains, you will be asked to show your valid U-Pass along with your WashU ID. If you are unable to present both your U-Pass and your WashU ID to Metro personnel or fare inspectors, you may be issued a citation and required to pay a court-imposed fine.

Benefits of the U-Pass Program

The university provides the U-Pass program to achieve several objectives for the WashU community.

  • The agreement provides the advantages of public transit and reduced commuting costs for approximately 25,000 members of the WashU community, a particularly important advantage for lower-paid workers.
  • The program provides greater access for students to participate in internships and community service opportunities and to take advantage of cultural and entertainment venues in the region.
  • The agreement includes expanded and faster Metro service between the university’s campuses and facilities in St. Louis and St. Louis County.
  • Metro offers ADA-accessible trains, buses and services for those who have disabilities or who are mobility challenged.
  • Metro buses and trains provide the ability to transport bicycles.
  • By increasing the WashU community’s use of public transit, the U-Pass program creates positive environmental impacts through the use of alternative fuels, elimination of duplicate services provided by the university’s shuttle program and reduced automobile usage and roadway congestion.
  • The program reduces parking demands at various university campuses and facilities.
  • Along with the U-Pass program, the Parking & Transportation Services office offers enhanced trip planning and customer service.
  • The U-Pass program provides ongoing major funding and support for public transportation services in the St. Louis region.

Find out more about using Metro transit to travel around St. Louis.

Student U-Pass Replacement

If you lose your U-Pass, you may obtain a replacement in person from the Parking & Transportation Services office. When you come to the office, you will need to fill out a small form and present your photo ID. Students will be required to pay a replacement fee of $25 by cash, check or credit card.

Faculty/Staff U-Pass Replacement

If you lose your U-Pass, you may obtain a replacement in person from the Parking & Transportation Services office. When you come to the office, you will need to fill out a small form and present your photo ID. Faculty/staff members must pay a replacement fee of $50, payable by cash, check or credit card. If you need to replace your U-Pass after January 1, the replacement fee is prorated to $25.

Employees Leaving the University

If you are leaving the university permanently, you must return your U-Pass to the Parking & Transportation Services office. You may be billed for the cost of your U-Pass if you fail to return it.

If you are taking a temporary leave or if you are an employee who works only nine months out of the year, you may keep your U-Pass during your leave so long as you will be receiving continuous benefits from the university during that time.​​​

Alternative Transportation Coordinator

Becca Gilberg is WashU’s alternative transportation coordinator who can help you understand the range of commute options WashU offers students, faculty, staff and basic service providers. She can help you explore alternative transportation programs that work best for YOUR unique needs and how to make the most out of each.