Occasional Parking Program

Occasional Parking PermitThis program offers packs of discounted daily permits (50% off) to faculty, staff, basic services contractor employees and commuter students who utilize alternative forms of transportation as their main commute method or have a ParkSmart permit (also known as an off-site or remote permit) ($15 per entire fiscal year).

  • $20 for a pack of 8 daily permits (part-time can buy 3 packs/24 permits per year and full-time can buy 6 packs/48 permits per year)
  • Park in yellow zones, but not the DUC.


To enroll in the Occasional Parking Program, you must be a current Washington University (Danforth Campus) faculty or staff member, basic services contractor for Washington University, or an enrolled commuter student. Residential students are not eligible to enroll in this program.

Participants in the Occasional Parking Program must not possess or purchase an annual parking permit other than a ParkSmart permit (also known as Off-site) or motorcycle permit. Enrollment is required to participate in the program, and restrictions apply.

How to Join

Step One: Enroll

To enroll in the Occasional Parking Program, submit to the Office of Parking & Transportation Services:

Submit this information in person, email, mail or via fax to the Parking & Transportation Services office.

Step Two: Receive Your Membership Card

Once we’ve received your enrollment materials and verified your eligibility, we will issue you a membership card that you will need to pick up at the Parking & Transportation Services office. It is very important that you keep this card in a safe and accessible place, as it must be presented every time you buy the discounted daily permits. There will be a $15 replacement cost for lost or stolen membership cards.

Your membership will be valid for one fiscal year, from July 1 to June 30, and you must reapply each year.

Step Three: Purchase Your Discounted Daily Permits

Discounted daily permits are sold only in increments of eight and must be purchased at the Parking & Transportation Services office. To purchase a batch of discounted daily permits, bring your membership card and a photo ID to the Parking & Transportation Services office during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday).

Program members may purchase packs of eight daily permits for the discounted rate of $20 ($2.50 each). These permits may be used at any time during the term of your membership.

Full-time members are eligible to purchase a total of 48 daily permits at the discounted rate, but are limited to three packs for each half of the fiscal year (July through December and January through June). Part-time members may purchase a total of 24 daily permits per fiscal year. New members must start with one pack of eight, but can buy more packs eight business days later.

Your membership card will be punched by Parking & Transportation Services staff each time you purchase a batch of daily permits. You may continue to buy batches of eight permits until you reach your limit. You may continue to purchase full-cost daily permits for $5 each once you reach your limit of discounted daily permits, but you cannot buy a yellow or red parking permit.

Occasional Parking Program members also have the opportunity to purchase discounted daily permits at Danforth Campus U-Pass Distribution Centers, which are held three times a year (at the beginning of the fall semester and again at the beginning of the spring semester) in the Danforth University Center. You must present your membership card to purchase permits. At the U-Pass Distribution Centers, you may pay with cash or check only. For specific dates and times, please contact us.

Step Four: Use Your Daily Permits

The daily parking permits issued to you through the Occasional Parking Program work much like the standard daily parking permits. The permits are valid in any yellow parking zone for one calendar day. Like the standard daily parking permits, discounted daily parking permits are not valid in the Danforth underground garage.

When using a daily permit, you must scratch off the appropriate month, day and year on the permit, and display the permit on your vehicle’s rearview mirror. To be valid, there cannot be more than one date scratched.

Canceling Your Membership

If you decide that you’d like to cancel your membership, simply return your membership card to the Parking & Transportation Services office. Since the program is intended for occasional use only, if you purchase all of your allowed permit packs, you cannot buy a red or yellow parking permit during that timeframe. For instance, if you buy all your allowed permits for July-December, you cannot buy a red or yellow permit until January. If you must buy a parking permit, you can buy an ParkSmart permit or Bearly Drivers permit.

Misuse of the Program

Membership cards and daily permits purchased through the Occasional Parking Program are nontransferable and are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. Occasional Parking Program members are prohibited from purchasing an annual parking permit (besides an ParkSmart or motorcycle permit) while enrolled in the program. Failure to comply with the program guidelines will result in immediate membership termination and prevention from enrolling in future programs through the Office of Parking & Transportation Services.

Alternative Transportation Coordinator

Becca Gilberg is WashU’s alternative transportation coordinator who can help you understand the range of commute options WashU offers students, faculty, staff and basic service providers. She can help you explore alternative transportation programs that work best for YOUR unique needs and how to make the most out of each.