Occasional Parking Program (OPP)

This permit is ideal if you only occasionally need to park on the Danforth Campus.

Occasional Parking Program

The Occasional Parking Program (OPP) Permit provides up to 480 hours of parking in a member’s assigned zone on a per use basis at a reduced hourly rate. 

Due to uncertainly regarding the repopulation of the Danforth Campus in the FY21-22 academic year and how this might impact OPP members, we are extending the available hours under this program to 1,560 for the 2021-22 permit year. 

How OPP Works

Once your register and pay a $15 annual membership fee, you will receive an OPP permit and be assigned your zone.

  • If you are an OPP member assigned to Zones 1-3, your permit will open the parking gates. The hours you are parked — between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday — will be deducted from your total hours. Upon exiting the garage, you’ll pay a reduced OPP rate via credit card.
  • If you are an OPP member assigned to Zone 4, 5N and 5W, you can park in Passport Parking spaces. You can pay for these spaces via credit card or the Passport Parking App, available on Google Play or the App Store.
2022 OPP Eligibility
StatusEligibleNot Eligible
Danforth Faculty/StaffX 
Danforth Graduate StudentsX 
Basic Service Contractors
Allied Universal, Aramark, Bon Appetit, Catering St. Louis, Focal Pointe, Follett, Huntleigh, WFF
2021-2022 annual Danforth permit holders (except motorcycle) X
Undergraduate Residential Students X
Undergraduate Commuter Students X
Retirees X
WUSM Faculty/Staff X
WUSM Students X
Contractors X
Visitors X
OPP Rate Structure

After $15 annual membership fee.

Hours ParkedAmount Owed

Where Do I Park?

If you are a Zone 1-3 permit holder, park in the yellow spaces in your zone’s parking garage.

  • Zone 1: East End Garage
  • Zone 2: Danforth Underground Garage
  • Zone 3: Millbrook Garage and Snow Way Garage

For Zone 4, North or West campuses, please park only in Passport Parking spaces. The app will recognize you as an OPP member and automatically charge you the reduced rate.

  • Zone 4: Passport Parking spaces on the roof of the Wallace Garage on the South 40.
  • North Campus: Passport Parking spaces on the surface lot.
  • Zone 5-W: West Campus Passport Parking spaces.
Important Notes

OPP permits are not the best option for those who need frequent access to parking on the Danforth Campus. Keep the following in mind:

  • Permit and hours expire on July 31, 2022.
  • If you cancel your OPP permit within seven calendar days of purchasing, your membership fee will be refunded. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your permit after seven calendar days.
  • If you use your OPP permit for less than 121 hours between Aug. 1 and July 31, we will issue a $15 check at the end of the permit cycle as a reward for using sustainable transportation options throughout the year. If you use all 480 hours (note: this is extended to 1,560 hours for the 2021-2022 permit year) during the permit year, you can use your permit to access your assigned zone but will need to pay visitor hourly rates.

Apply for your FY22 OPP Permit

If your specific zone is unavailable, you can be added to the waitlist.