Parking on the Washington University in St. Louis campus is by permit only. No motor vehicle may be parked on university property unless the appropriate permit is displayed and the vehicle has been registered. Permits are required for all zones. However, between the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., no permit is required to park in any yellow space in any zone. Permits must be issued by Parking and Transportation Services to be valid.

Annual permit holders who are temporarily unable to access the permit should contact Parking & Transportation Services for a temporary pass. Certain limitations may apply.

Visitor parking options are available for short-term needs.

2017-18 Parking Permits

To learn what zones and permits are available for purchase, visit Parking & Transportation Services office at North Campus.

Payment for permits may be made:

New Employees

New university employees can learn what zones and permits are available for purchase by visiting the Parking & Transportation Services office. However, new employees may only purchase a parking permit online after an employee ID number and a WUSTL Key have been issued.

Parking Permit Regulations

All parking permits must be obtained and used according to university parking regulations. Parking permits and privileges may be revoked or suspended for violation of parking regulations. Falsifying information in order to obtain a permit for yourself or someone else is a violation of parking regulations. Serious consequences could result.

All parking permits are the property of Washington University. Permits are to be returned immediately upon termination of employment, when a student is no longer registered for class or at the request of the university. Permit ownership is nontransferable.

Reserved Spaces

Occasionally, Parking & Transportation Services will reserve spaces for special events, which will make them temporarily unavailable to permit holders. Barricades, roped-off areas and signs indicating parking for special events take precedence over general parking designations. We attempt to minimize this inconvenience whenever possible.

Replacement Permits

Replacement permits are available at the Parking & Transportation Services office. The current permit must be turned in to entitle the registrant to a replacement permit for $5.

Lost or Stolen Permits

In order to replace a lost or stolen permit, please visit the Parking & Transportation Services office. You will be required to fill out two forms, show your photo ID and pay a $15 replacement fee. If your permit is declared lost or stolen, the original permit number will be put on the university’s tow list. Any vehicle found displaying that permit number on campus will be towed immediately, assessed a fine for displaying a lost or stolen parking permit, and the vehicle owner/operator will be referred to the proper authority.

Returning a Permit

If you decide that you no longer want a parking permit or if you are leaving the university permanently, you must return your parking permit to the Parking & Transportation Services office.

Faculty and Staff Member Permit Returns

To stop monthly payroll deductions, please return the permit by the first Friday of the month to avoid being charged for that month. Before you leave the university permanently, you are required to return your parking permit and your U-Pass to Parking & Transportation Services; if you do not, you may be billed for the cost of each. Refunds for permits paid in full by cash, check, or credit card will be issued via check for permits returned to Parking & Transportation on a monthly prorated basis.

Student Permit Returns

Please reference the parking enforcement calendar for refund deadlines. Please note that no refunds will be issued on student permits after spring break.

Temporary or Seasonal Permit Returns

If you will be away from the university temporarily or seasonally, you must return your parking permit to parking services to avoid being charged for the months you are away.

Eliot Society Parking Permits

While the Eliot Society still offers parking benefits to its members, subject to availability, it no longer issues permits directly. Please contact the Eliot Society Office at 314-935-7423 for more information.