A commuter’s top ten

A commuter’s top ten

Leslie McCarthy

Leslie McCarthy, who has been with WashU for 10 years, is the executive news editor in the Public Affairs office at WashU. Leslie lives in Crestwood, which is located in South County, and has been an avid user of the Metrolink since she started working at the university.

“Riding the Metrolink is easy, convenient and actually pretty fun,” said McCarthy. “And it truly only adds about 10 minutes to my overall commute.”

Leslie loves her commute, and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s relaxing. On my way to work, I no longer deal with “Adventures in Parking,” trying to park as close to my office as possible or wondering in what neighborhood I’ll land. No traffic jams or hair-raising attempts turning left onto Skinker from Pershing is a bonus.
  2. It’s easier. Nothing against Interstates 64, 44, 55, 255, 270 or 70, but those are numbers I never have to worry about. Reviewing my day on the train is a lot easier than worrying about it flying down the highway at 70 miles per hour.
  3. It’s cheaper. Now that I ride to work, I only have to fill my car up once every 10 to 14 days. Those savings add up. Not to mention less wear-and-tear on the car. Our 2006 Toyota Corolla will probably see the next decade (Darn).
  4. It’s healthier. I get extra steps in, which is particularly important during WashU Wellness Challenges.
  5. It’s easy to track. With the NextMetroSTL App, I know, almost to the second, when the train is coming. For the record, I can make it from my office down to the platform in less than 3 minutes – but who wants to run that fast?
  6. It’s adaptable. I’ve rediscovered the MetroBus. If I get on the right train, I can walk right onto my bus and I’m less than a mile from my home 35 minutes after leaving my office.
  7. It’s me time. Between my morning and evening commutes, I get about 45 minutes of reading time – me time – every day. I just need to remember to get off at my stop!
  8. It’s helpful. I once left my phone on the seat of the train and, within 20 minutes, it was turned into a Metro official who called my office phone – which was obtained by calling my husband (my “ICE” contact) – to let me know. That Metro official just happened to be meeting a friend at Kayaks for coffee later that morning and was more than happy to bring it to me.
  9. It’s social. I love getting to know the Metro officials on the platforms, many of whom recognize regular commuters and freely give out smiles. The bus drivers are typically the same on the route as well so you get to know them too. And, on any given day, you may have a great conversation with any number of your fellow commuters.
  10. It’s easy to mix it up. Commuting is a marathon, not a sprint. There are a lot of options available to the WashU community. So why not get some help along the way?