A friendly commute

A friendly commute

Hannah Szlyk

Hannah Szlyk is a postdoctoral research scholar in the NIMH T32 Training Program with the Center for Mental Health Services Research at the Brown School.

She either walks to and from campus or rides the Metro bus Green Line using her Metro U-Pass card.

“I live very close to campus so both are convenient options for me,” said Szlyk. “I love walking home to unwind from a busy day and the revamped walking path is great.”

But she equally enjoys riding the Metro bus. “The Green Line bus drivers are very friendly and take great care of their passengers,” she said. “They always say hello and make sure that you get to your destination safely.”

For example, when riding home last winter, Szlyk was the only passenger when the bus got stuck in a pothole. The driver made sure another Metro bus was available to pick her up from that spot on the route.

“I barely had to wait for another bus to arrive and I appreciate how accommodating both drivers were,” said Szlyk. “I want to make sure that the Metro Green line bus drivers are recognized for their excellent service. I am very grateful to be living next to the Green line.”

The Wash U Metro U-Pass program provides free Metro passes to full-time students, benefits-eligible faculty and staff, and full-time employees of qualified service providers who perform daily tasks through a partnership between WashU and Metro Transit.

For more information, visit the Metro page on the Parking and Transportation website.