Camaraderie on the West Campus Shuttle

Camaraderie on the West Campus Shuttle

Mary Clemens

Mary Clemens, who has been with WashU for more than 10 years, is the marketing and development coordinator for the Performing Arts Department. After a visit to Pamplona, Spain, last year she realized how heavily she, like many Americans, relied on her car to provide door to door service when public transportation is a readily available and easily accessible option.

Mary began riding the Metro to and from work until carpooling with her husband who drives by WashU on his way to work each morning. In the evenings, she rides home with her daughter who also works at WashU, part-time, in the Office of Student Conduct.

Mary and her daughter park at West Campus using a ParkSmart permit and, at the end of the day, Mary either rides the West Campus shuttles from campus or opts for the short 20-minute walk from her office at Mallinckrodt.

“Since I don’t get the chance to walk around campus as much as I used to, I get extra steps in on my way to the car after work,” said Clemens. “With the shade trees along the way, it is really quite an enjoyable walk.”

“But I also like riding the shuttle. After you ride a few times, you start getting to know fellow passengers and develop a camaraderie,” she said. “It is always nice to meet new people and, of course, see old friends as well. We have a good time. I also like the mutual respect between the passengers, who are always kind and polite, and the drivers, who are all seem to care about what they do.”

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