Saving money on the Metro? A no brainer

Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen has been with WashU for more than 24 years and currently works as a campaign projects coordinator for the Office of Alumni and Development.

Almost every day, Robbie commutes from the far-side of Wildwood, a suburb located in West County. She parks her car in a West County Metro lot in Ellisville before hopping on a MetroBus, which she rides to the Brentwood station. From there, she takes the Metrolink train to either the Forsyth or Skinker stop, depending on her schedule.

  • “I take advantage of the WashU U-Pass program,” said Allen. The U-Pass program provides free Metro passes to full-time students, benefits-eligible faculty and staff, and full-time employees of qualified service providers who are on campus daily.
  • “It was really a no brainer for me. I have been saving money because I don’t need to buy a daily parking permit, I don’t use as much gas, and I have decreased the potential wear and tear on my car since I no longer have to drive 60 miles round-trip to get to and from work.”

Allen also takes full advantage of the time she gets to herself by riding the Metro.

  • “I can sleep on the bus in the mornings if I want or work on my Bible study lessons, a puzzle, or listen to an audio book,” said Allen. “I also get to catch up with friends. A couple of my bus buddies have retired but one will occasionally ride the Metrolink and meet me at the Brentwood Station on my way home. We grab a bite to eat and catch up a bit before she takes the train home and I catch the MetroBus back to Ellisville. I really do not miss the hassle of driving.”

WashU’s alternative transportation options are a great option for those looking to save money and enjoy a less stressful commute.

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