Parking Permit Lottery

Starting July 1, 2017, WashU is rolling out a new parking strategy that will better allocate current and future parking resources across campus, address key weaknesses in the current plan, and enhance alternative transportation during the East End renovation and beyond.

To ensure the university is able to align existing resources with specific needs, anyone who wishes to purchase a parking permit in the academic year will need to enter the lottery process in order to do so. This is a critical component to the new zoned strategy and will help ensure we are able to properly allocate parking resources as effectively as possible.

Who Needs to Enter the Lottery?

Anyone who plans to purchase a permit of any type – including those who participate in special programs like Bearly Drivers, Occasional Parking or Eliot Society – will need to register via the lottery.

This includes all eligible undergrad or graduate students and full or part-time faculty and staff who work at the Danforth Campus, North Campus and West Campus that plan to purchase a parking permit. Basic Service Contractors will also need to register via the system.

What if I don’t have a WUSTL key?
What if I have staff/faculty joining after the lottery?
What do new students do?

Throughout April, Parking & Transportation will be working with each of the schools and departments to identify incoming students or employees, or other community members who do not have a WUSTL key. Parking & Transportation has developed a way for these individuals to submit their parking preferences in the lottery and will work with the schools to make each of these individuals aware of their options.

How do I access the lottery?

Starting Monday, April 17 through Friday, April 28, those who want to purchase a permit for the coming academic year will need to log into the system using their WUSTL key at

What if I need to change my selections after I submit my choices?

If you would like to change your selection, you will be able to do so through the close of the lottery process on April 28 by returning to the lottery website and updating your selection.

What if I no longer want a parking permit but I have already received it?

Once issued, those who decide they no longer want a permit for the 2017-2018 academic school year will be able to return it to Parking & Transportation under the same rules that apply today.

Will the lottery occur every year?

We expect to have the lottery in place until the new garage on the East End of the Danforth Campus opens. Next year you will be able to specify whether you would like to keep your existing permit or try for another zone. We will reevaluate the process as we near the completion of the East End construction project.

After I receive my permit for this year, can I change my permit choice at any point?

Yes. If individuals are interested in changing their permit, they can contact Parking & Transportation to determine what permits are available for purchase. Individuals will also be able to join a waitlist to be alerted when permits become available in a desired zone.

Lottery Instructions

  1. Go to

    After logging into the system with your WUSTL key, view the parking zone map, permit options, permit descriptions and pricing. It is important to have your vehicle’s make, model and license plate number available in case this information is not already in the system.

  2. Permit Selection

    Next, choose your first, second and third zone preferences from the drop down menus. If you do not want to use all three choices, choose “No Thanks” for the remaining choices. The costs associated with each of your preferences will be displayed.

    • Bearly Drivers: Those who plan to participate in Bearly Drivers will be prompted to specify the zone in which they plan to park and to specify if they will be the primary driver. This will indicate your interest in enrolling in this program, but an additional application form will need to be completed for your permit to be finalized. All carpool groups MUST specify one primary driver who will be responsible for submitting the group’s application form and coming to the parking office to finalize the permit purchase at a later date. After lottery assignments have been finalized and confirmed, all primary drivers will receive an email explaining the additional steps necessary to finalize enrollment in Bearly Drivers. Please wait to complete an enrollment form until we contact you. Note: Bearly Drivers is only available to full-time faculty and staff.
    • Occasional Parking: Those who plan to participate in the Occasional Parking Program will be prompted to select the zone in which they plan to park. Occasional Parking permits will only be eligible in your assigned zone. You may only select the Occasional Parking Program as one of your three choices. If you wish to pair the Occasional Parking Program with a ParkSmart permit, you should select these two options as your first and second choices and then write “ParkSmart & OPP” in the comments section at the bottom of the page. ParkSmart is the only permit other than a motorcycle permit that can be paired with the Occasional Parking Program. After lottery assignments have been finalized and confirmed, Occasional Parking Program participants will need to submit an enrollment form to complete enrollment in the program. This form will be available on the Occasional Parking website starting in mid-May.
  3. Additional Programs

    Those who currently hold an Eliot Society permit or need to request accessible parking will be prompted for additional information.

    • Accessible Parking: Those who require accessible parking will be prompted to check a box and will then need to enter their government issued handicap tag number and issuing state. Anyone who requires an accessible parking spot will be guaranteed parking in their desired zone.
    • Eliot Society: Those who currently have an Eliot Society permit, which is valid through October 31, 2017, must complete the lottery to select a permit to utilize starting November 1 for the remainder of the 2017-2018 academic year. You will be able to use your Eliot Society permit through October 31, 2017; as of November 1, 2017, you will need a zone permit to park on campus. You will not be charged for your new zone permit until November 1, 2017.
  4. Payment

    Once all selections are made, participants will then be able to indicate their method of payment, including: payroll deduction, student billing, credit card, PayPal, or pay in person. Charges will not be applied until permits are finalized and issued by the Parking & Transportation team.

  5. Notification

    When you are satisfied with your choices, click on the submit button. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email confirmation that verifies your first, second and third permit preferences, payment selection, and an overview of next steps. Those who don’t have an email address will receive confirmation via mail within two weeks.

If you would like to change your selection, you will be able to do so through the close of the lottery process on April 28 by logging into with your WUSTL key and following Step 1 through Step 5.

Initial Results: After the lottery closes on April 28, the Parking & Transportation team will run the lottery and review results.

Assignment Notification: The week of May 15, applicants will begin to receive emails and letters letting them know their parking permit assignment is complete. Applicants will need to return to to view their parking assignment, confirm they wish to purchase the permit, and confirm their payment method. Individuals receiving Occasional Parking or Bearly Drivers permits will be informed of additional steps required to finalize their program enrollment.

Assignment Confirmation: Between May 15 and June 9, applicants are required to confirm they wish to purchase their assigned permit and verify payment. During this period, applicants will also be given the option to join a waitlist for a preferred zone.

*** Important: Those who fail to confirm permit purchase and payment by the June 9 deadline will forfeit their permit to the next individual on the waitlist. Those who choose PayPal or the pay in person options must finalize payment by June 9 or their permit will also be forfeited. ***

Permit Distribution: Permits will be distributed to faculty and staff in person by the Parking & Transportation team on June 22 and June 23. Student permits will be distributed in August. Individuals who are unable to pick up their permits on the designated distribution days will be able to pick up their permits at the Parking & Transportation office. No permits will be distributed by mail.

Any individuals who decide they no longer want a permit for the 2017-2018 academic year will be able to return it under the same policies that apply today.

For specific questions that require individual responses, call the hotline 314-935.3616 or email