Car Share

WashU Car Share

Washington University in St. Louis partners with Car Share, the car sharing program from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, to bring the convenience of car sharing to the WashU community.

Every member of the WashU community over the age of 18 is eligible to apply for Car Share membership.

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is when members of a community share a fleet of vehicles. In the WashU Car Share program, members may rent hybrid or electric vehicles by the hour. Car Share vehicles are located at several areas on campus.

How the Car Share Program Works


You must be a member to participate. Membership is free for WashU community members. Visit the Car Share website to apply for membership.

Once your membership has been processed, you will receive your membership information and your key fob in approximately three to five days.

Reserving a Car

As a member, you may reserve a car by logging into the Car Share website and placing a reservation. Car sharing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Accessing a Car

With a valid reservation online, simply access the vehicle electronically with your key fob and be on your way. Return the car to the reserved Car Share parking space by the end of the reservation time.

Advantages of Car Sharing

Car sharing is smart, simple, economical and good for the environment!

When you participate in car sharing, you can have a vehicle at your fingertips when you need one but avoid the hassles and expense of having a car on campus when you don’t. Members pay one low hourly rate that includes gas, physical damage protection and maintenance. Sharing a car through Car Share also saves parking costs and provides a reserved parking space.

Studies have shown that similar car sharing programs have been successful in significantly reducing the number of vehicles on the road (up to 15 personal vehicles for each car sharing vehicle). Additionally, the Car Share vehicles on campus are all hybrid or electric.

To learn more about the Car Share program or to become a member, visit the Enterprise Car Share website, email or call 877-599-3227.

Enterprise Car Share Website