Welcome to Washington University in St. Louis. We’re here to help you find your way around campus. 

Garage Parking

Convenient, covered parking is available for visitors in the following garages:

Garage Rates

0-2 hours: $2.00
2-4 hours: $4.00
4-6 hours: $6.00
6-10 hours: $9.00

Lost ticket fee: $25.00

Our garages are equipped with gate-arm technology. Enter the garage, pull a ticket and park in a designated visitor space. Parking is hourly and can be paid at a pay station prior to exiting. Visit our Garage Parking page for more information about garages located on the Danforth Campus.

Passport Parking

We also offer Passport Parking, an app allowing individuals to pay for parking by the hour, in various locations across campus.

Visitor Parking Map
Danforth Campus Visitor Parking (PDF)

Weekend/Overnight Parking

After 5 p.m. on Friday, visitors can park in any yellow space in surface lots or garages (excluding the DUC) throughout the weekend. To open garage gates, you will still need to pull a ticket but you won’t be charged upon exiting. Permits will again be required starting 7 a.m. Monday.  

If you are visiting the northeast side of campus (The Village or Millbrook Square Apartments), you can use the Snow Way Garage. If you are visiting near the South 40, yellow spaces are located in the parking lot in front of the Alumni House at Forsyth and Wallace.

Monthly Permits

Monthly permits are also available and provide parking in yellow spaces from the start to the end of one calendar month. These cannot be purchased by payroll deduction and are nonrefundable. Learn more

Additional Options

Keep In Touch

Our goal is to serve you with fairness, courtesy, consistency, and efficiency. Please contact us with any problems, questions or suggestions related to transportation or parking on campus.