Please be aware of important alerts and closures. 

Transportation Changes

  • Beginning Tuesday, May 21, the Mallinckrodt bus plaza will close for repairs, as part of a larger construction project on the stretch of road from the bus plaza to Hillman Hall. The estimated completion date is August 15.
  • During this project, the bus plaza will be relocated to the front of Simon Hall. All Metro and university shuttles will use this location. View the temporary bus plaza route.
  • Olympian Way will change to allow only southbound traffic. Anyone wanting to get to Seigle Hall or the athletic complex, will need to enter at Wallace and make a right turn on Olympian for access.

On May 20, the West Campus shuttle will be rerouted as follows during construction. Leaving West Campus, the bus will travel east on Forsyth to the Steinberg circle drive. Exit heading west, to a new temporary stop, located on Forsyth, just before reaching Goldfarb Hall. After drop offs/pickups, the bus will proceed to the temporary bus plaza in front of Simon Hall. Bus will exit via Olympian Way to Forsyth and return to West Campus. Buses will run every 15 minutes.

Beginning May 20, the Campus Circulator will no longer use the old stop at Hoyt/Wrighton Way, for the summer, it will use the temporary stop on Forsyth, just before Goldfarb Hall.

Construction by Somers Hall and the West Campus Shuttle:

From late-May through early-August, several phases of construction will begin on the road that parallels Forsyth, from Wallace to Hillman (Orange Drive) and the Mallinckrodt bus plaza to Goldfarb.

During this time, the entrance onto lot 35, Simon Hall, will only be available from Wallace Drive and the exit from Olympian Way. Olympian Way will be made a one way that only heads south and will not be accessible from Forsyth.

Metro buses and university shuttles will pick up and drop off in this area; however, the West Campus shuttle will turn around in the Steinberg Hall circle drive. Later this month, the new schedule and map will go into effect. Both will be posted to the West Campus Shuttle page online.

Red Permit Spaces along Forsyth / Hoyt Drive
On May 3, 13 red permit spaces along Forsyth and west of Hoyt Drive (Wrighton Way) were decommissioned. This was a necessary change for traffic lane reconfiguration at the Forsyth and Hoyt Drive (Wrighton Way) intersection and is a permanent closure.

What’s New for FY20?

  • Read our April newsletter (PDF) to learn more about parking and transportation in the 2019-20 academic year. Permits will be available for purchase in all five campus zones, including the east end (Zone 1). As before, yellow permits are tied to an assigned zone while red permits, available to employees, will continue to be valid in any zone.
  • View FY20 parking permits and rates.
Effective Jan. 11
Starting Friday, Jan. 11, Hoyt Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic for improvements to the north entry to the east end of campus. Access to campus from Forest Park Parkway will remain open at Throop Drive, west of the Millbrook Garage. For more information, visit CampusNext.

Vehicle storage is NOT provided during the summer months. Visit the vehicle storage webpage for more information.

The parking spaces along Forsyth Blvd have been designated as “perimeter red” spaces, which require a red permit Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside of those hours, no permit is required.

No parking on Hoyt Drive: Parking is prohibited along the north and south entries to Hoyt Drive. These areas are for drop off and pick up only. Cars left unattended are compromising the designated fire lanes and blocking traffic. Those in violation will be towed.

Between the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., no permit is required to park in any yellow space in any zone.
Reminder – East End of the Danforth Campus closed to parking
Parking is not available on the east end of the Danforth Campus but spaces are available in the core of campus, on the South 40, and at West Campus.