Washington University in St. Louis offers extensive transportation programs to meet the needs of the campus community. These services are offered to eligible students and employees at no charge.

WashU transportation programs are intended to provide safe and convenient transportation between the Danforth Campus, Medical Campus, West Campus, North Campus, local shopping centers and surrounding residential areas. It is also intended to provide a safe and convenient alternative to driving to campus for the WashU community, saving the expense and hassle of parking on campus.

Alternatives to Traveling Alone by Car

Washington University encourages faculty, staff and students to consider using alternate forms of transportation to and around campus. Parking & Transportation Services provides support for low-cost and environmentally responsible transportation alternatives including:

Guaranteed Ride Home

To support the use of transportation methods other than driving to campus every day, Washington University is a participating employer in the RideFinders Guaranteed Ride Home program. The program serves individuals who normally utilize public transportation, walk, or ride a bicycle to work/school. In case of unscheduled overtime or a health-related or personal emergency, commuters can receive immediate transportation from their workplace to their home or an emergency-related location. For more information about the Guaranteed Ride Home program, please visit the RideFinders website.

For More Information

To learn more about alternatives to driving a car to campus, please contact Parking & Transportation Services.