While our goal is to keep traffic moving and parking disruptions to a minimum, a variety of events can cause an increase in vehicular volume and impact parking on and around the Danforth Campus. We will list events we’re aware of on this page so you can plan ahead or consider one of our many smart commute options.

2022 Construction Alerts
West Campus Garage Repair: beginning July 1

Parking Impact – Phase One:

Over the next several months, the West Campus Garage will be undergoing repair work. The first phase is focused on a supporting column of the spiral exit ramp on levels 2 through 5. As such, a closure of the garage is necessitated beginning at 5 p.m. on July 1 through 5 p.m. on July 15.

During this time, the repair work on the exit ramp will be performed and the garage will be restriped. While the garage is closed, all permit holders will need to utilize the parking on the lower east lot (parking east of the east West Campus building). Please do not park in the east upper lot as that is specifically for retail use. If at all possible, we will open the garage earlier than projected and will notify West Campus permit holders via email.

West Campus Shuttle Impact:

  • The original West Campus shuttle stop will be temporarily relocated from Forsyth/Jackson to the east side of Jackson under the walkway bridge and an additional West Campus shuttle stop will be added on Forsyth just west of the entry/exit to the lower east lot.
  • The West Campus shuttle route will be temporarily rerouted north on Jackson to Pershing. A delay of up to five minutes could be experienced by shuttle riders. Please be sure to check the schedule before traveling.

Parking Impact – Phase Two:

Once the garage reopens, we will be in phase two of our repairs. The garage will reopen at roughly half capacity as there will be impacts to levels 3 through 6 due to the required shoring needed to perform repairs on level 6 (roof). Additionally, we expect the north side drive lane and the north entrance to remain closed until Nov. 1 as there will be a presence of large construction equipment throughout phase two.  During this period, Lee Ave. should be utilized for garage entry and exit. Additional information regarding any impact to 2022-2023 permit holders will be sent closer to August 1, 2022.

The 2022-2023 ParkSmart permit holders will need to park in the ParkSmart designated spaces on the east lower lot of West Campus from August 1, 2022 through November 1, 2022. We are hopeful that we will be able to lift this restriction before November 1, 2022 and will communicate via email should that determination be made prior to November 1.

Throop Drive Closure July 13 – July 29

On Wednesday, July 13, a Verizon Fiber project will begin along Throop Drive between Forest Park Parkway and the Throop/Snow Way intersection. In order to allow safe and efficient completion of this work, the in-bound lane from Forest Park Parkway to the Throop/Snow Way intersection will be closed with a temporary in-bound lane implemented where the current designated left turn out-bound lane exist. In-bound traffic will still be permitted but outbound traffic will be restricted to one lane. This impact is expected to last through Friday, July 29.

Parking and Transportation strongly encourages the following practices during this timeframe:

  1. Permit holders that typically park in the Millbrook Garage: access the garage by entering campus at Forest Park Parkway at Hoyt and then turning immediately west (right) onto Throop. Use of the east or south Millbrook entries is recommended.
  2. Permit holders that typically park in Snow Way Garage: access the garage by entering Snow Way Drive from Big Bend.
  3. Please plan for delays when exiting campus during heavy traffic hours as the limitation to one exit lane will impact the number of vehicles that can exit during a light cycle.
Nemerov Roof Replacement: May 31 through August 12
  • Shepley Drive is limited to one lane and will not accommodate oversized vehicles. 
Millbrook Garage Repairs: June 1 through August 12
  • Varied closures throughout the garage to allow for concrete and expansion joint repairs.
  • Center Millbrook staircase is closed from July 11 through July 22. Please use the eastern or western staircase as an alternate pedestrian route.
  • Beginning on Wednesday, July 20 through Friday, August 12, the east entry/exit lanes of Millbrook Garage will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic as the retaining wall is rebuilt and the driving lanes are milled and resurfaced.  It should also be noted the motorcycle parking area on the east side of Millbrook Garage will be closed during this period.
North Campus: Focal Pointe Relocation
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Over the next couple of months, Focal Pointe (the university’s basic service contractor for grounds), will be relocating their operations to the east and southeast portion of North Campus. In preparation of this move, work is required to ready the site for not only their operations but to minimize the impact to the operations of other North Campus stakeholders.

In an effort to ensure safety and access to the docks on the south of the North Campus building, a reconfiguration of both traffic flow and parking spaces on the south side of the building is required. We will be instituting a one-way traffic pattern on the south side of the North Campus building; the northern most lane (nearest the building) will have an eastbound traffic flow while the southernmost lane (nearest the fence) will have a westbound traffic flow. The parking spaces in this area will be reconfigured with angled parking to enhance the new traffic pattern.  The south lot will be closed and unavailable to parking on Wednesday, July 20 and Thursday, July 21 for this reconfiguration.

On Tuesday, July 25, the fence to encompass the designated Focal Pointe area will be installed on the east and south sides of the North Campus building. During installation, a small number of parking spaces may be offline to allow for installation. Once the fencing is in place, there will be no thru traffic around the east side of the building as Focal Pointe will begin moving from their current location on Vernon to North Campus.