While our goal is to keep traffic moving and parking disruptions to a minimum, a variety of events can cause an increase in vehicular volume and impact parking on and around the Danforth Campus. We will list events we’re aware of on this page so you can plan ahead or consider one of our many smart commute options.

Several fall events will increase traffic to campus and may impact parking in various zones: 

  • Oct. 12: High volume of traffic across all zones, due to the National Council Meeting.
  • Oct. 12 – 14: Alumni event will impact Zone 1. 
  • Oct. 27 – 29: High traffic due to Parent and Family Weekend – Zones 1, 2 & 3. 

McDonnell Chiller Project Impacts: ends Friday Dec. 15, 2023

  • A single drive lane will remain open through the area. Please expect a reconfiguration of the drive lane and potential delays in traffic flow.
  • All parking in Lot 43 (surface parking south of McDonnell Hall will be offline from 09/21/23 – 12/15/23.
  • Motorcycle parking south of McDonnell Hall will remain accessible throughout the project with the exception of 10/06/23-10/11/23 (tentative) while a crane is onsite/in use.
  • The Goldfarb Shuttle Stop has been relocated to the east end of Somers Family Hall through the duration of the project.