Bearly Drivers Carpool

Eligible full-time Danforth faculty and staff may share the cost of a parking permit while carpooling.

This cost-saving permit allows 2-4 full-time, benefits-eligible employees who carpool to and from campus to share a permit. Please review all eligibility requirements below.

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Bearly Drivers Benefits

  • Drastically reduced permit prices.
  • Conveniently park in any yellow spaces in Zones 1 through 4.
  • Free enrollment in the Guaranteed Ride Home program that provides up to four rides home per year in the case of an emergency. Rides are reimbursed 100 percent up to $125.

2023-2024 Bearly Drivers Carpool Prices

  • 2-person carpool
    $448/annually or $18.67/month per person
  • 3-person carpool
    $448/annually or $12.44/month per person
  • 4-person carpool
    $448/annually or $9.33/month per person

NOTE: Yellow Danforth permits are $896 per year or about $75 per month.

Important pricing notes:

  • Annual purchase price assumes a purchase on or before Aug. 1, 2023.
  • Price for Bearly Drivers permits after Aug. 1, 2023 will prorate daily Monday-Friday.
  • Monthly price is an estimate. Actual amount will vary based on purchase date, proration schedule, and remaining payroll deductions for the permit year.
Eligibility and Application Requirements

This program is intended to support the use of carpooling by providing a discounted permit to those who meet the following criteria throughout the duration of their Bearly Drivers permit:

  • be a permanent, full-time WashU Danforth Campus faculty/staff member
  • ride to campus together at least 80% of the time
    A member may not be on any type of university leave of absence for more than one month. Please contact us to discuss options if this occurs.
  • be paid directly by WashU
  • share similar daytime work schedules with fellow carpoolers
  • not hold any other WashU parking permit

If you would like a 2023-2024 Bearly Drivers permit, please submit a carpool application. Be sure to have the following information handy:

1) Choose one member to be your carpool’s “captain”.

This individual will complete the online application on behalf of their carpool and be the primary point of contact for P&T. They’ll also be responsible for distributing validation tickets to all carpool members. These will be sent to the captain’s campus box or home address.

2) Choose your preferred parking location.
3) Compile the following information for each member:
  • First and last name
  • Employee ID number (6-digit # found by logging into WorkDay and clicking on Personal Information and then clicking on About Me. The employee ID number will be under Job Details).
  • WashU email address
  • Home address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Vehicle information (It is not necessary for non-captain members to own a vehicle.):
    1. License plate number
    2. State issuing the license plate
    3. Vehicle make/manufacturer (e.g., Acura, Chevrolet, Mazda, Honda, etc.)
    4. Vehicle color
  • Department name
Important Application Information
  • By submitting an application, all members are authorizing Washington University Parking and Transportation to payroll deduct the cost associated with a Bearly Drivers permit.
  • Permits will not be issued until all members have paid all their outstanding citations.
Carpool Policies
  • Fill out an application every year you want to participate in the carpool program. Be sure to register each vehicle your carpool plans to park on campus.
  • Once you are enrolled, one permit will be assigned to your carpool. The cost will be split and deducted from each member’s payroll throughout the permit year.
  • All members must meet the eligibility requirements listed below throughout the entire duration of the Bearly Drivers permit. Please notify us within seven calendar days of any changes to the members, vehicles, license plate numbers, campus boxes or contact information for any member of your carpool.
  • Be sure to follow all campus parking rules and regulations.
  • Misuse/abuse of the program could result in all members individually receiving fines that equal what they would have paid for a Yellow permit in their assigned Bearly Drivers zone and a permanent ban from the program.