Daily Usage Program

This permit is ideal if you only occasionally need to park on the Danforth Campus.

The Daily Usage Program (formerly Occasional Parking Program) allows permit holders to pay for parking on a monthly basis based on daily usage.

As before, the permits are issued for a specific zone and valid in yellow spaces within the zone indicated. Parking is permitted in any yellow space (open spaces without signage denoting reserved parking) with a specified zone. 

Daily usage is tracked via the Passport Parking App and billed via payroll deduction on a monthly pre-tax basis. An annual permit spend cap will be applied equal to the annual permit cost of a yellow permit for the specified zone.

Once the annual spend cap is met, no additional charges will be billed to the permit holder and they can continue to use the permit through the end of the permit year (July 31). An administrative fee of $15 will be charged at the time of purchase and will not count towards the annual cap.

Faculty and staff interested in hourly parking sessions may utilize visitor parking options. Hourly parking sessions will not count towards the Daily Permit Program annual cap.

2023 Daily Usage Program Eligibility
StatusEligibleNot Eligible
Danforth Faculty/StaffX 
Danforth Graduate StudentsX 
Basic Service Contractors
Allied Universal, Aramark, Bon Appetit, Catering St. Louis, Focal Pointe, Follett, Huntleigh, WFF
2021-2022 annual Danforth permit holders (except motorcycle) X
Undergraduate Residential Students X
Undergraduate Commuter Students X
Retirees X
WUSM Faculty/Staff X
WUSM Students X
Contractors X
Visitors X
Daily Usage Program Rate Structure
PermitEligibilityDaily RateAnnual Cap
Daily Permit – Zones 1, 2, 3, 4: Valid in yellow spaces (open spaces with no signage) within the zone indicated on the permit, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Danforth Campus Faculty and Staff$5.00$874
Daily Permit – Zone 5 North: Valid in yellow spaces (open spaces with no signage) at North Campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.North Campus Faculty and Staff$2.50$462
Daily Permit – Zones 5 West: Valid in yellow spaces (open spaces with no signage) at West Campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.West Campus Faculty and Staff$3.75$658