Electric Vehicle Charging

WashU provides free electric charging locations across campus, including ChargePoint charging stations and 120V wall outlets for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

EV Parking Spaces

  • EV parking spaces are reserved for electric vehicles that are actively charging.
  • There is a four-hour time limit. After four hours, or as soon as your vehicle is charged, move to your yellow, red, or visitor parking space.
  • Visitors and non-permit holders can use the charging stations located in visitor parking areas and pay the hourly visitor parking rate.
  • If you are a permit holder, you should display your permit while charging in any non-visitor location.

Charging Details 

To charge via ChargePoint, access the app or call the toll-free number listed on the terminal. Each station has two ports unless noted and offers free charging.

To use a 120-volt wall outlet, remember to bring your own Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). WashU cannot be held responsible for any stolen or broken equipment.

EV Charging Locations: Map

View the map below to identify charging locations. Click the icons to see if it is a ChargePoint station or 120-volt wall outlet.

ChargePoint Station Locations:

  • Goldfarb surface lot: 1 station with 1 charging space (Zone 2 permit required)
  • Millbrook Garage: 1 station with 2 parking spaces on level 3 (Zone 3 permit required)
  • East End Garage:
    • 1 charging station, 2 spaces in visitor parking on P1
    • 1 charging station/2 spaces on P2 (Zone 1 permit required)

120-Volt Outlet Locations:

  • DUC Garage: 4 unreserved outlets with four parking spaces on every level. These are located four pillars in from the north and south ends of the garage. Visitors may use locations on level 1, but a zone 2 permit is required for all permit holder spaces.
  • Snow Way Garage: 2 reserved spaces at 1 outlet on level 1 (Zone 3 permit required)
  • North Campus: 2 reserved spaces at 1 outlet in the northwest lot (Zone 5 North required)
  • West Campus: 2 reserved spaces on the 3rd level of the West Campus Garage

For 24/7 ChargePoint station support, please contact the help line at 888-758-4389.

For questions about parking on the Danforth campus, please contact 314-935-5601 or parktrans@wustl.edu.