Official Business Permits

WashU Danforth Campus departments can use this form to request an Official Business Permit.

If you are seeking an FY22-23 Official Business parking permit, please fill out the form below. Once approved, your cost center will be charged for the cost of the permit, which will be mailed to your department’s mail stop by mid to late-July.

Official Business Permits are ONLY available for purchase by a Danforth Campus department or a vendor with a valid exception.

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  • The Official Business permit is only valid when displayed along with a valid WashU Faculty/Staff annual parking permit. Both permit numbers must be visible.
  • The Official Business permit is valid in any zone for up to three hours and allows users to park in visitor, yellow or red spaces. It cannot be used in reserved spaces or fire lanes.
  • Official Business Permit users will scan the QR code printed on the back of the permit when entering a garage and again upon exiting. If the permit user exceeds three hours of parking, an additional charge will be due when they exit the garage.
  • The Official Business permit is $874 for FY23 and will prorate on January 16, 2023.
  • Vendors who regularly need to be on campus for three hours or less should purchase a Vendor permit or use hourly garage parking.

Official Business Parking Needs

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