Request Event Parking

Fill out this form if you need to request a parking validation for an upcoming meeting or event.

Request Event Parking

If you’re with a WashU department and need to reserve a parking space or parking validations, be sure to submit your request as far in advance as possible (at least 10 business days).

While we can’t guarantee spaces will be available, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If your request is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation from our team. Be sure you retain a copy of your confirmation.

Validations are valid for the fiscal year and expire on June 30 of that fiscal year. You’ll only be charged when validations are used and only for the amount of time your guest is parked.

Request Event Parking for 2023-2024

Request Event Parking Needs
Attention Students, please contact your sponsoring department to request event parking.
format: 314-XXX-XXXX

Validations Delivery

Event Information

Validation tickets are required for each guest’s exit from garage.
Validation ticket required for each reserved space facilitating guest’s exit from garage.