Request Event Parking

Learn more about reserving parking spaces or requesting parking validations for your meeting or event.

Request Event Parking

If you represent a university department you may request parking validations.

  • All request forms should be submitted as far in advance as possible to allow for proper planning and notification. We suggest at least 10 business days.
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee parking space reservation or services; approval is based on availability. Please retain your confirmation from the Parking & Transportation Office regarding this reservation once it is received.
  • Departmental charges for guest validations will only be incurred when the validation is used and only for the amount of time the guest is parked.

Request Event Parking Needs

Requester Information

Attention Students, please contact your sponsoring department to request event parking.
format: 314-XXX-XXXX

Validations Delivery

Event Information

Validation tickets are required for each guest’s exit from garage.
Validation ticket required for each reserved space facilitating guest’s exit from garage.