Vehicle Towing & Relocation Policy

Please be aware of our towing and relocation policy.

WashU reserves the right to tow or relocate any vehicle parked in violation of the university’s rules and regulations at the owner’s expense. This may happen with no warning, even if the owner has no previous violations. Vehicles that have three or more unpaid violations and/or have been identified as habitual violators are also subject to tow.

Any vehicle that is parked illegally, parked in violation of university policy or that must be moved for special events or maintenance is considered to be parked in violation of university regulations.

Towing Service Provider

The university generally uses Hartmann’s Towing for towing services; they can be reached at 314-721-1445. Hartmann’s Towing: 6615 Olive Blvd., University City, MO 63130

In Case of Towing

If you suspect your vehicle has been towed or relocated, you should first contact Parking & Transportation Services at 314-935-5601 to verify the location of your vehicle. After normal business hours and on weekends, contact the Washington University Police Department at 314-935-5555.

Derelict Vehicles

Abandoned or derelict vehicles will be towed, stored, and/or disposed of at the discretion of the university. A vehicle is considered derelict if it is:

  • Not properly licensed
  • Inoperative or partially dismantled
  • Parked on university property (without authorization) for more than 72 hours.
  • *Any vehicle that is parked illegally, parked in violation of university policy, or that must be moved for special events or maintenance

The university is not responsible for damage to a vehicle resulting from towing or immobilization.

Claiming Your Vehicle

To claim your vehicle, you must provide proof of ownership along with your picture ID to Hartmann’s Towing and pay the towing charges. Your vehicle will then be released to you.

Vehicles may be picked up from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Special arrangements can be made for alternate pick up times if necessary.

If you aren’t sure why you were towed/relocated, you should contact WashU Parking & Transportation Services at 314-935-5601 for clarification of the parking rules and regulations so that you can avoid similar inconveniences in the future.

Tow-Related Charges

All charges must be paid before vehicle will be released. Towing charges begin at $50, not to exceed $125 (excluding applicable storage charges).

  • Vehicle hook up and tow: $75
  • Dolly, additional charge of $35
  • Swivel/Go Jack Service, additional charge of $35
  • Vehicle Unlock, additional charge of: $35
  • Vehicle Storage Fee: $25/day for each day after the first 24 hours
  • All front-wheel-drive vehicles, all-wheel-drive vehicles, all sport utility vehicles and vehicles with the emergency brake set will incur an additional $35 charge.

If you return to your vehicle while the tow truck driver is hooking your car to his truck, and before he has pulled away with your vehicle, you can pay a drop fee of $50 to the tow truck driver.

Directions to Hartmann’s Towing
6615 Olive Blvd.
University City, MO 63130
Directions: Take Skinker north to Olive, go west on Olive; Hartmann is on the north side of Olive.

For additional public transportation information, please call 314-935-4140.

In Case of Vehicle Relocation

If your vehicle was relocated to another part of campus, contact Parking Services at 314-935-5601 or Washington University Police at 314-935-5555 for the exact location. A relocation charge of $75 will apply.