WashU Rides Commuter Platform

A free, one-stop resource to help you explore your alternative transportation options and find individuals who might be interested in carpooling and bikepooling with you.

WashU Rides

With WashU Rides, you can:

  1. Explore your travel options.
    The WashU Rides trip planner and interactive map helps you compare and explore your transportation options so you can make informed decisions based on the convenience, cost, and environmental impacts of each.

    The interactive map lets you view transportation-related items like commuter parking lots where carpool members can meet and park, bike lanes, and more.

  2. Form a WashU carpool or bikepool – whether ongoing or a one–time trip – to help you save money, reduce your environmental impact and pass the time with a commuting buddy.
    WashU Rides can identify individuals who are along your commute route, have similar schedules and meet the specific preferences you selected. You can also add custom text so those with similar routes can learn more about you and your additional preferences. Once you find a potential match, you can easily communicate with them directly through WashU Rides.

    Please note: Although you may not find a match that meets your needs the first time you search, more options will be available as more people join and share their commutes so help spread the word!

  3. Add and search event-specific carpool matches and other transportation options so it is easy for attendees to find transportation options to the event.
    Event organizers can post the event publicly on WashU Rides, share privately via an invite link and share it on their own website with an embedded widget. Once a user finds a carpool match, they can easily communicate with them directly through the platform. The system automatically excludes ongoing commuter carpools so users only see the event-specific options.
  4. Track your impact.
    You can track your trips to see how much money and CO2 emissions you have saved. In the future, WashU will also use this feature to allow users to receive rewards for alternative commutes by entering in a contest or campaign. Stay tuned for more information.

Additional features will be added in the future. Keep an eye out for updates!

Getting Started

You do not need to log into the site to view basic commute options or explore the interactive map; however, you must sign in to view carpool and bikepool matches or add an event.

  1. Visit rides.wustl.edu on your computer or smartphone. Although it is a mobile-friendly webpage, you will have a better user experience on your computer.
  2. Click “login here,” and enter your WUSTL Key (WashU ID and password). If you don’t know your WUSTL Key, please visit IT’s WUSTL Connect page for help.
  3. Select your university status and the location of your primary office.
  4. From the homepage or your dashboard, enter your starting location (A) and ending destination (B) to view your commute options and explore the interactive map on the trip planning page.
  5. When you are on the trip planner page after entering your “start” and “destination,” you will see your transportation options and be able to click on them for additional details. To explore the map layers, toggle the layers on and off by clicking the eye icons on the right.

Carpooling & Bikepooling

If you are interested in carpooling or bikepooling, you can view and contact your matches by clicking on the carpool or bikepool tab after following the steps above. If there aren’t any matches yet, click “Start a carpool” or “Start a bikepool” to enter your trip details and preferences so others can match with you. Make sure to save all your information and double check it was entered correctly.

Mobile App

Once you have created an account, you can download the Commute Tracker app for IOS or Android to trip plan, view transportation map layers, manage carpools, and more.