WashU Rides

A free website resource to help you explore WashU’s smart commuting options, including carpools, bikepools, and more.

On the WashU Rides website, you can find a WashU carpool or bikepool, explore smart commuting and transportation options, or track your savings—whether costs, calories, or CO2.

  1. Form a WashU carpool or bikepool by connecting with others along your route. Once you find a potential match, you can easily email them directly from site.
  1. Looking for a carpool partner for a trip home over break or long weekend getaway? Check the Carpool Rideboard to see if anyone is planning a similar trip or post your trip for others to find.
  2. Use the interactive map to find transportation-related info like commuter parking lots where carpool members can meet and park, bike lanes, transit stops, and more.
  1. Log your trips to track how much money and CO2 you’ve saved, how many calories you’ve burned, or how many miles you’ve traveled via smart commuting.
  1. Upload an event or find event-specific carpool matches and other transportation options to an upcoming event.

To get started, visit WashU Rides.

Once you’ve created an account, you can also download the Commute Tracker app for IOS or Android to plan your trips.

 Learn More: Find help articles on the Basic User Help page.