Taking the time to smell the flowers

Taking the time to smell the flowers

Cynthia Woodcock

Cynthia Woodcock, a psychiatric nurse practitioner with the Autism Clinical Center team and the Perinatal Behavioral Health Services team who began working at WashU in 2017, is a devoted MetroLink rider.

According to Woodcock, the MetroLink is not only quicker than driving but also less stressful. “At first, I drove to campus and absolutely hated it,” she said. “Now that I ride the MetroLink, I don’t have to deal with fighting traffic, worry about finding parking when I get to campus, or remember where I parked.”

Her experience with MetroLink has been positive in other ways too. “I have witnessed countless acts of kindness,” she said.

Woodcock has watched strangers hold doors, help with baby carriages, or pick up dropped items to even bigger gestures like individuals sharing an extra pair of mittens or a group offering their coats to keep a man warm awaiting an ambulance during a medical emergency.

“It all adds up to make such an impact,” said Woodcock, who also has high praise for the security guards at the campus station, including one who often gives life advice to younger men. “He is such a positive role model,” she said.

“It has been a great opportunity to slow down,” said Woodcock. “I enjoy watching the gardens evolve as I walk through campus and taking the time to smell the flowers along the way.”

Her only complaint? “I wish the campus platform was better protected from weather and was brightly painted or featured an interesting diversity mural and, of course, had more flowers. You can never have too many flowers.”