Bike To Campus

Bike To CampusRiding a bicycle instead of driving to campus is a great way to save money on fuel and parking costs and serves as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Bicycles are allowed on both MetroBuses and MetroLink trains, and there are dedicated bike paths on and around the Danforth Campus, along with Fixit self tune-up stations for basic repairs and maintenance. There are also many bike racks across campus that allow for close, easy parking.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycles may be parked at any bike rack on campus. They cannot be locked to undesignated objects such as trees, benches and railings and will be removed from those areas, especially if the bike impedes access to a building.  On-campus bike racks near academic buildings are intended for use only by daily commuters and should not be used for long-term storage.  Covered bike parking is located near residential housing areas for longer-term storage.  Bikes cannot be stored on any bike rack over summer break, unless the rack has been designated for bike storage.

Bicycle Map & Resources

The Washington University in St. Louis Office of Sustainability offers a brochure about bicycling on campus that includes a map of bicycle paths and the locations of bike racks, Fixit self tune-up stations and Metro stops on campus as well as a variety of cycling tips and resources.

WashU Campus Bike Map Brochure (PDF)

Riding Etiquette

Cyclists on campus must be careful to yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.

Bicycle Security

We recommend that those who bring a bicycle to campus keep the bicycle securely locked at all times when not in use and also register the bicycle with the Washington University Police Department. WUPD also offers high-quality bike U-Locks to members of the WashU community for a discounted price.

Benefits for Bicyclists

Faculty, staff and students who use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation to and from campus may enroll in the Occasional Parking Program and are also eligible for the Citizens for Modern Transit Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Fixit Self Tune-Up Stations

There are currently four Fixit stations on the Danforth Campus. The stations include a variety of tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from adjusting brakes to changing a flat.