Bike To Campus

The easiest way to find parking while getting great exercise? Ride your bike.

Bike to Campus

Riding a bicycle instead of driving to campus is a great way to save money on fuel and parking costs while serving as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Bicycles are allowed on MetroBuses and MetroLink trains, and there are dedicated bike paths for safe cycling, bike racks for easy parking and self-tune-up stations for basic repairs and maintenance on the Danforth campus.

Campus Bike Policy

WashU has implemented a new bike policy that includes rules on the safe operation of bikes and outlines proper bike parking. It also requires anyone bringing a bike to campus to register it for free with Parking & Transportation Services.

Register Your Bike For Free!

If you are a Danforth student, faculty or staff member who will park your bike on campus, we STRONGLY recommend registering your bike with WashU and clearly displaying the registration shield on your bike in a visible manner.

Displaying a valid registration shield helps protect your bike from theft and facilitates the recovery of lost or stolen bikes. It also allows WashU to contact the owners of bikes that were impounded due to improper parking, like blocking ADA access.

The registration process is fast, easy and mobile-friendly!

  1. Visit to register important details about your bike (make, model, serial number, etc.) and select if you want to pick up your registration shield in person or have it sent through WashU campus mail to your CB/MSC.Campus mail is a personal ON-CAMPUS mail option, NOT a street address. You’ll have a MSC # if you live on campus and a campus box (CB) if you work on campus. Graduate students don’t typically have a CB/MSC. If you pick campus mail, please ensure you provide the correct campus box.
  2. Registration shields will be available starting SEPTEMBER 1st. Starting on September 1st, if you selected to pick it up, bring your WashU ID to any of the pick-up locations listed below. Before coming to get your registration shield, please make sure you got a confirmation email from Project 529.
    • Parking & Transportation Main Office on North Campus
    • Danforth Parking & Transportation Satellite Office in the Campus Card Services office in the lower level of the Women’s building (LIMITED DAYS/HOURS – Tues/Thurs, 11 am-2 pm).
  3. Once you have your sticker, attach it to your bike in a visible manner, preferably to the frame’s top tube.

If your contact information changes, please update it in your 529 Garage account so you can be contacted if your bike is recovered. If you need help with your registration, please contact

Safety First

  • Keep a three foot distance from pedestrians, and walk your bicycle when paths are crowded.
  • Yield to pedestrians; they have the right-of-way.
  • Keep right and pass on the left. Give an audible signal before passing, such as “to your left” or ringing a bike bell.
  • Obey all traffic laws, signs and lights that apply to drivers.
  • Gear up for your own safety. Helmet, lights and reflectors are a must-have when riding on streets! It’s the law that you must use lights and reflective materials from dusk to dawn (white front light, red back light/reflector and reflective material/lights visible from each side of the bike).
  • Don’t use earbuds/headphones in both ears so you can hear any warnings/dangers.

Proper Bike Parking

  • Always park upright at a bike rack. Parking at and/or locking to railings, trees, benches, etc. is prohibited.
  • Secure your bike to a rack with a sturdy U-Lock to protect against theft.
  • Bike racks are for daily commuters only. Those parked for more than two weeks without moving will be removed to make space for others. Only individuals living on campus can park for more than two weeks at a bike rack near their residence hall.

Bicycle Resources

GET SAFETY GEAR AT COST for students, faculty and staff!

  • $25 Kryptonite U-Lock – Danforth students, faculty and staff can buy a high-quality Kryptonite U-Lock at cost from the WashU Police Department located in Lien House.
  • You can purchase $15 bike helmets from Bears Bikes on the South 40.

Regional Bike Resources & Advocacy Groups

Local Laws

Questions? Contact