Bike To Campus

Cycling to campus is a free, sustainable and healthy commute option that also provides convenient parking and an easy way to get around campus.

Bike to Campus

WashU Rides, our one-stop source for your commute planning needs, can help you form a “bikepool” with others at WashU, explore your bike route options, identify  dedicated bike paths or lanes and much more.

Campus Bike Paths, Racks & Fixit Stations

Gold-level Bicycle Friendly University Award

The League of American Bicyclists has named WashU a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly University, recognizing our efforts to promote and enable safe, accessible bicycling on the Danforth Campus, a collaboration of multiple WashU departments and teams.

Bike. Run. Drive. A commuter story.
January 19, 2022; WashU Sustainability

Register Your Bike for Free

If you are a Danforth Campus student, faculty, or staff member, please register your bike. If you are not part of the Danforth Campus, you may purchase a Project 529 registration sticker from Amazon. It is fast, easy, and mobile-friendly.

  1. Register your bike by visiting (must enter /washu).
    If your lost or stolen bike is found, you will be contacted in this account.
    If you have not received your sticker, leave the “529 Shield” field blank.
  2. Open the confirmation email from Project 529, and follow the instructions to create your password. The link expires after 72 hours. If you don’t receive the confirmation email or need help creating your password, contact Project 529 at Be sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  3. To receive your registration sticker, visit the Parking & Transportation office.
    Please have your confirmation email ready to show our team.
  4. Login and add your Shield ID to your Project 529 account to finalize registration.
  5. Attach the sticker to your bike frame in a highly visible location.
    – Lightly clean and dry the area you’ll place the sticker.
    – NOTE: Once the sticker is applied, it cannot be moved. Do not attach the sticker somewhere that comes to a point since it will cause it to wear faster.

Need help?

  • For issues with registering your bike, including not receiving the confirmation email, please contact
  • For questions regarding picking up your registration sticker, please contact Parking & Transportation at

Rentals, Tune Ups and Safety Gear

  • Discounts on safety gear
    – Discounted Kryptonite U-Lock: Buy a high quality bike lock at cost from the WashU Police Department.
    – Bike helmets: Purchase at cost from Bears Bikes on the South 40.
  • Attend a free bike tune-up and commuter fair hosted by Parking & Transportation and the Office of Sustainability.
  • Utilize the Active Commuter Hub that offers members a place to shower, change, store clothes and get ready for the day.
  • Bears Bikes: A WashU student-owned-and-operated company located on the South 40 offering bike rentals, repairs, and storage.
  • Bike tune-up stations are located across the Danforth campus and offer tools for you to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance. Find instructions in the Bicycle Repair Quick Guide or at the station.
Park Smart – Proper Bike Parking

Want to keep your bike? Park and lock it correctly!

  • Lock both your frame and rear wheel to a bike rack with a sturdy U-Lock, not a cable lock that can be easily cut.
  • For added security, use a long, sturdy cable lock to lock both wheels to the U-Lock.
  • Always park at a bike rack and never at railings, ramps, trees, benches or anywhere that blocks pedestrian and vehicular access. Your bike can be impounded for impeding access and posing a safety risk.

Bike racks are for daily commuters only. Bikes parked at a rack for more than two weeks without moving will be removed to make space for others. Only individuals living on campus can park for more than two weeks at a bike rack near their residence hall.

Under the WashU Police Department (WUPD) Lock-In-Place program that aims to reduce bike theft, your bike may be locked to a bike rack by WUPD staff if you don’t properly secure it yourself. To unlock your bike, please follow WUPD’s instructions listed on the U-Lock.

Ride Smart – Rules of the Road
  • Keep a three-foot distance from pedestrians, and walk your bicycle when paths are crowded.
  • Yield to pedestrians; they have the right-of-way.
  • Keep right and pass on the left. Give an audible signal before passing, such as “to your left” or ringing a bike bell.
  • Obey all of the same traffic laws, signs, and lights that apply to motor vehicles.
  • Gear up for your own safety. Helmet, lights, and reflectors are a must-have when riding on streets. Always use lights and reflective materials from dusk to dawn (white front light, red back light/reflector and reflective material/lights visible from each side of the bike).
  • Don’t use earbuds/headphones in both ears so that you can hear any warnings/dangers.
Reporting a Missing Bike

If you believe your bike is lost or was stolen from campus, contact WashU PD at 314-935-5555. If it was stolen off campus, contact the local police department.

You can also mark your bike missing or stolen and start an alert in your 529 Garage account or on the 529 Garage app. An alert allows you to print or email your saved bike information directly to a police officer or insurance agent.

Biking Made Easy

Regional Resources & Biking Tips
Local Laws

Questions? Contact