Campus Circulator

Students, faculty, staff and visitors can use this to get around the Danforth Campus for free.

WashU Shuttle

The Campus Circulator shuttle offers complimentary transportation around the Danforth Campus for WashU faculty, staff, students and guests. Shuttles have adjusted schedules during university breaks, and no shuttle service on university holidays.

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Routes and hours of operation subject to change.

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Circulator Schedules

Summer Break Schedule: Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm
S-40, ClocktowerMallinckrodt Bus PlazaSnow WayMillbrook GarageSkinker & FPPEast End GarageMallinckrodt Bus PlazaS-40, Habif Health
7:00 AM7:03 AM7:06 AM7:07 AM7:09 AM7:16 AM7:19 AM7:23 AM
7:24 AM7:27 AM7:30 AM7:31 AM7:33 AM7:40 AM7:43 AM7:47 AM
7:48 AM7:51 AM7:54 AM7:55 AM7:57 AM8:04 AM8:07 AM8:11 AM
8:12 AM8:15 AM8:18 AM8:19 AM8:21 AM8:28 AM8:31 AM8:35 AM
8:36 AM8:39 AM8:42 AM8:43 AM8:45 AM8:52 AM8:55 AM8:59 AM
9:00 AM9:03 AM9:06 AM9:07 AM9:09 AM9:16 AM9:19 AM9:23 AM
9:24 AM9:27 AM9:30 AM9:31 AM9:33 AM9:40 AM9:43 AM9:47 AM
9:48 AM9:51 AM9:54 AM9:55 AM9:57 AM10:04 AM10:07 AM10:11 AM
10:12 AM10:15 AM10:18 AM10:19 AM10:21 AM10:28 AM10:31 AM10:35 AM
10:56 AM10:59 AM11:02 AM11:03 AM11:05 AM11:12 AM11:15 AM11:19 AM
11:20 AM11:23 AM11:26 AM11:27 AM11:29 AM11:36 AM11:39 AM11:43 AM
11:44 AM11:47 AM11:50 AM11:51 AM11:53 AM12:00 PM12:03 PM12:07 PM
12:08 PM12:11 PM12:14 PM12:15 PM12:17 PM12:24 PM12:27 PM12:31 PM
12:32 PM12:35 PM12:38 PM12:39 PM12:41 PM12:48 PM12:51 PM12:55 PM
12:56 PM12:59 PM1:02 PM1:03 PM1:05 PM1:12 PM1:15 PM1:19 PM
1:20 PM1:23 PM1:26 PM1:27 PM1:29 PM1:36 PM1:39 PM1:43 PM
1:44 PM1:47 PM1:50 PM1:51 PM1:53 PM2:00 PM2:03 PM2:07 PM
2:08 PM2:11 PM2:14 PM2:15 PM2:17 PM2:24 PM2:27 PM2:31 PM
2:32 PM2:35 PM2:38 PM2:39 PM2:41 PM2:48 PM2:51 PM2:55 PM
2:56 PM2:59 PM3:02 PM3:03 PM3:05 PM3:12 PM3:15 PM3:19 PM
3:20 PM3:23 PM3:26 PM3:27 PM3:29 PM3:36 PM3:39 PM3:43 PM
3:44 PM3:47 PM3:50 PM3:51 PM3:53 PM4:00 PM4:03 PM4:07 PM
4:08 PM4:11 PM4:14 PM4:15 PM4:17 PM4:24 PM4:27 PM4:31 PM
4:52 PM4:55 PM4:58 PM4:59 PM5:01 PM5:08 PM5:11 PM5:15 PM
5:16 PM5:19 PM5:22 PM5:23 PM5:25 PM5:32 PM5:35 PM5:39 PM
5:40 PM5:43 PM5:46 PM5:47 PM5:49 PM5:56 PM5:59 PM6:03 PM
6:04 PM6:07 PM6:10 PM6:11 PM6:13 PM6:20 PM6:23 PM6:27 PM
6:28 PM6:31 PM6:34 PM6:35 PM6:37 PM6:44 PM6:47 PM6:51 PM
Summer Break Schedule: Sat-Sun, No Shuttle Service

No shuttle service on weekends during break schedules.

Academic Schedule: Mon-Fri, 7am-4am
S-40, Habif HealthS-40, ClocktowerMallinckrodt Bus PlazaSnow WayMillbrook GarageSkinker & FPPEast End GarageMallinckrodt Bus Plaza
7:05 AM7:06 AM7:09 AM7:12 AM7:13 AM7:15 AM7:18 AM7:21 AM
7:25 AM7:26 AM7:29 AM7:32 AM7:33 AM7:35 AM7:38 AM7:41 AM
7:40 AM7:41 AM7:44 AM7:47 AM7:48 AM7:50 AM7:53 AM7:56 AM
7:45 AM7:46 AM7:49 AM7:52 AM7:53 AM7:55 AM7:58 AM8:01 AM
8:00 AM8:01 AM8:04 AM8:07 AM8:08 AM8:10 AM8:13 AM8:16 AM
8:05 AM8:06 AM8:09 AM8:12 AM8:13 AM8:15 AM8:18 AM8:21 AM
8:20 AM8:21 AM8:24 AM8:27 AM8:28 AM8:30 AM8:33 AM8:36 AM
8:25 AM8:26 AM8:29 AM8:32 AM8:33 AM8:35 AM8:38 AM8:41 AM
8:40 AM8:41 AM8:43 AM8:46 AM8:47 AM8:49 AM8:52 AM8:54 AM
8:45 AM8:46 AM8:48 AM8:51 AM8:52 AM8:54 AM8:57 AM8:59 AM
9:00 AM9:01 AM9:03 AM9:06 AM9:07 AM9:09 AM9:12 AM9:14 AM
9:05 AM9:06 AM9:08 AM9:11 AM9:12 AM9:14 AM9:17 AM9:19 AM
9:20 AM9:21 AM9:23 AM9:26 AM9:27 AM9:29 AM9:32 AM9:34 AM
9:25 AM9:26 AM9:28 AM9:31 AM9:32 AM9:34 AM9:37 AM9:39 AM
9:40 AM9:41 AM9:43 AM9:46 AM9:47 AM9:49 AM9:52 AM9:54 AM
9:45 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM9:51 AM9:52 AM9:54 AM9:57 AM9:59 AM
10:00 AM10:01 AM10:03 AM10:06 AM10:07 AM10:09 AM10:12 AM10:14 AM
10:20 AM10:21 AM10:23 AM10:26 AM10:27 AM10:29 AM10:32 AM10:34 AM
10:40 AM10:41 AM10:43 AM10:46 AM10:47 AM10:49 AM10:52 AM10:54 AM
11:00 AM11:01 AM11:03 AM11:06 AM11:07 AM11:09 AM11:12 AM11:14 AM
11:20 AM11:21 AM11:23 AM11:26 AM11:27 AM11:29 AM11:32 AM11:34 AM
11:40 AM11:41 AM11:44 AM11:47 AM11:48 AM11:50 AM11:53 AM11:56 AM
12:00 PM12:01 PM12:04 PM12:07 PM12:08 PM12:10 PM12:13 PM12:16 PM
12:20 PM12:21 PM12:24 PM12:27 PM12:28 PM12:30 PM12:33 PM12:36 PM
12:40 PM12:41 PM12:44 PM12:47 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:53 PM12:56 PM
1:00 PM1:01 PM1:04 PM1:07 PM1:08 PM1:10 PM1:13 PM1:16 PM
1:20 PM1:21 PM1:24 PM1:27 PM1:28 PM1:30 PM1:33 PM1:36 PM
1:40 PM1:41 PM1:44 PM1:47 PM1:48 PM1:50 PM1:53 PM1:56 PM
2:00 PM2:01 PM2:04 PM2:07 PM2:08 PM2:10 PM2:13 PM2:16 PM
2:20 PM2:21 PM2:24 PM2:27 PM2:28 PM2:30 PM2:33 PM2:36 PM
2:40 PM2:41 PM2:44 PM2:47 PM2:48 PM2:50 PM2:53 PM2:56 PM
3:00 PM3:01 PM3:03 PM3:06 PM3:07 PM3:09 PM3:12 PM3:14 PM
3:10 PM3:11 PM3:13 PM3:16 PM3:17 PM3:19 PM3:22 PM3:24 PM
3:30 PM3:31 PM3:33 PM3:36 PM3:37 PM3:39 PM3:42 PM3:44 PM
3:50 PM3:51 PM3:54 PM3:57 PM3:58 PM4:00 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM
4:00 PM4:01 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM4:07 PM4:09 PM4:12 PM4:14 PM
4:10 PM4:11 PM4:13 PM4:16 PM4:17 PM4:19 PM4:22 PM4:24 PM
4:20 PM4:21 PM4:23 PM4:26 PM4:27 PM4:29 PM4:32 PM4:34 PM
4:30 PM4:31 PM4:34 PM4:37 PM4:38 PM4:40 PM4:43 PM4:46 PM
4:40 PM4:41 PM4:44 PM4:47 PM4:48 PM4:50 PM4:53 PM4:56 PM
4:50 PM4:51 PM4:54 PM4:57 PM4:58 PM5:00 PM5:03 PM5:06 PM
5:00 PM5:01 PM5:04 PM5:07 PM5:08 PM5:10 PM5:13 PM5:16 PM
5:10 PM5:11 PM5:14 PM5:17 PM5:18 PM5:20 PM5:23 PM5:26 PM
5:20 PM5:21 PM5:24 PM5:27 PM5:28 PM5:30 PM5:33 PM5:36 PM
5:30 PM5:31 PM5:34 PM5:37 PM5:38 PM5:40 PM5:43 PM5:46 PM
5:40 PM5:41 PM5:44 PM5:47 PM5:48 PM5:50 PM5:53 PM5:56 PM
5:50 PM5:51 PM5:54 PM5:57 PM5:58 PM6:00 PM6:03 PM6:06 PM
6:00 PM6:01 PM6:04 PM6:07 PM6:08 PM6:10 PM6:13 PM6:16 PM
6:20 PM6:21 PM6:24 PM6:27 PM6:28 PM6:30 PM6:33 PM6:36 PM
6:40 PM6:41 PM6:44 PM6:47 PM6:48 PM6:50 PM6:53 PM6:56 PM
7:00 PM7:01 PM7:04 PM7:07 PM7:08 PM7:10 PM7:13 PM7:16 PM
7:25 PM7:26 PM7:28 PM7:31 PM7:32 PM7:34 PM7:37 PM7:39 PM
7:45 PM7:46 PM7:48 PM7:51 PM7:52 PM7:54 PM7:57 PM7:59 PM
8:05 PM8:06 PM8:08 PM8:11 PM8:12 PM8:14 PM8:17 PM8:19 PM
8:25 PM8:26 PM8:28 PM8:31 PM8:32 PM8:34 PM8:37 PM8:39 PM
8:45 PM8:46 PM8:48 PM8:51 PM8:52 PM8:54 PM8:57 PM8:59 PM
9:05 PM9:06 PM9:08 PM9:11 PM9:12 PM9:14 PM9:17 PM9:19 PM
9:25 PM9:26 PM9:28 PM9:31 PM9:32 PM9:34 PM9:37 PM9:39 PM
9:45 PM9:46 PM9:48 PM9:51 PM9:52 PM9:54 PM9:57 PM9:59 PM
10:05 PM10:06 PM10:08 PM10:11 PM10:12 PM10:14 PM10:17 PM10:19 PM
10:55 PM10:56 PM10:59 PM11:02 PM11:03 PM11:05 PM11:08 PM11:11 PM
11:15 PM11:16 PM11:19 PM11:22 PM11:23 PM11:25 PM11:28 PM11:31 PM
11:35 PM11:36 PM11:39 PM11:42 PM11:43 PM11:45 PM11:48 PM11:51 PM
12:01 AM12:02 AM12:05 AM12:07 AM12:08 AM12:10 AM12:13 AM12:16 AM
12:20 AM12:21 AM12:24 AM12:26 AM12:27 AM12:29 AM12:32 AM12:35 AM
12:39 AM12:40 AM12:43 AM12:45 AM12:46 AM12:48 AM12:51 AM12:54 AM
12:58 AM12:59 AM1:02 AM1:04 AM1:05 AM1:07 AM1:10 AM1:13 AM
1:17 AM1:18 AM1:21 AM1:23 AM1:24 AM1:26 AM1:29 AM1:32 AM
1:36 AM1:37 AM1:40 AM1:42 AM1:43 AM1:45 AM1:48 AM1:51 AM
2:10 AM2:11 AM2:14 AM2:16 AM2:17 AM2:19 AM2:22 AM2:25 AM
2:29 AM2:30 AM2:33 AM2:35 AM2:36 AM2:38 AM2:41 AM2:44 AM
2:48 AM2:49 AM2:52 AM2:54 AM2:55 AM2:57 AM3:00 AM3:03 AM
3:07 AM3:08 AM3:11 AM3:13 AM3:14 AM3:16 AM3:19 AM3:22 AM
3:26 AM3:27 AM3:30 AM3:32 AM3:33 AM3:35 AM3:38 AM3:41 AM
3:45 AM3:46 AM3:49 AM3:51 AM3:52 AM3:54 AM3:57 AM4:00 AM
Academic Schedule: Sat-Sun, 12pm-2am
South 40 Clock TowerMallinckrodt CenterMillbrook HallForest Park & SkinkerDanforth GarageMallinckrodt Center
12:00 PM12:03 PM12:06 PM12:09 PM12:12 PM12:14 PM
12:20 PM12:23 PM12:26 PM12:29 PM12:32 PM12:34 PM
12:40 PM12:43 PM12:46 PM12:49 PM12:52 PM12:54 PM
1:00 PM1:03 PM1:06 PM1:09 PM1:12 PM1:14 PM
1:20 PM1:23 PM1:26 PM1:29 PM1:32 PM1:34 PM
1:40 PM1:43 PM1:46 PM1:49 PM1:52 PM1:54 PM
2:00 PM2:03 PM2:26 PM2:29 PM2:32 PM2:34 PM
2:40 PM2:43 PM2:46 PM2:49 PM2:52 PM2:54 PM
3:00 PM3:03 PM3:06 PM3:09 PM3:12 PM3:14 PM
3:20 PM3:23 PM3:26 PM3:29 PM3:32 PM3:34 PM
3:40 PM3:43 PM3:46 PM3:49 PM3:52 PM3:54 PM
4:00 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM4:09 PM4:12 PM4:14 PM
4:20 PM4:23 PM4:26 PM4:29 PM4:32 PM4:34 PM
4:40 PM4:43 PM4:46 PM4:49 PM4:52 PM4:54 PM
5:00 PM5:03 PM5:26 PM5:29 PM5:32 PM5:34 PM
5:40 PM5:43 PM5:46 PM5:49 PM5:52 PM5:54 PM
6:00 PM6:03 PM6:06 PM6:09 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM
6:20 PM6:23 PM6:26 PM6:29 PM6:32 PM6:34 PM
6:40 PM6:43 PM6:46 PM6:49 PM6:52 PM6:54 PM
7:00 PM7:03 PM7:06 PM7:09 PM7:12 PM7:14 PM
7:20 PM7:23 PM7:26 PM7:29 PM7:32 PM7:34 PM
7:40 PM7:43 PM7:46 PM7:49 PM7:52 PM7:54 PM
8:00 PM8:03 PM8:06 PM8:09 PM8:12 PM8:14 PM
8:20 PM8:23 PM8:26 PM8:29 PM8:32 PM8:34 PM
8:40 PM8:43 PM8:46 PM8:49 PM8:52 PM8:54 PM
9:00 PM9:03 PM9:06 PM9:09 PM9:12 PM9:14 PM
9:20 PM9:23 PM9:26 PM9:29 PM9:32 PM9:34 PM
9:40 PM9:43 PM9:46 PM9:49 PM9:52 PM9:54 PM
10:00 PM10:03 PM10:26 PM10:29 PM10:32 PM10:34 PM
10:40 PM10:43 PM10:46 PM10:49 PM10:52 PM10:54 PM
11:00 PM11:03 PM11:06 PM11:09 PM11:12 PM11:14 PM
11:20 PM11:23 PM11:26 PM11:29 PM11:32 PM11:34 PM
11:40 PM11:43 PM11:46 PM11:49 PM11:52 PM11:54 PM
12:00 AM12:03 AM12:26 AM12:29 AM12:32 AM12:34 AM
12:40 AM12:43 AM12:46 AM12:49 AM12:52 AM12:54 AM
1:00 AM1:03 AM1:06 AM1:09 AM1:12 AM1:14 AM
1:20 AM1:23 AM1:26 AM1:29 AM1:32 AM1:34 AM
1:40 AM1:43 AM1:46 AM1:49 AM1:52 AM1:54 AM
Calendar (academic, break, holiday dates)
DateShuttle Schedule

August 29 – December 22, 2022
Exceptions below
Academic Schedule
September 5, 2022
Labor Day Holiday
No Shuttle Service
November 24-25, 2022
Thanksgiving Holiday
No Shuttle Service
December 23-26, 2022
Christmas Holiday
No Shuttle Service
December 27, 2022 – January 15, 2023
Exception below
Break Schedule
December 30, 2022 – January 2, 2023
New Years Holiday
No Shuttle Service
January 16, 2023
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
No Shuttle Service
January 17 – May 10, 2023
Exceptions below
Academic Schedule
March 12 – 18, 2023
Break Schedule
May 11 – August 27, 2023
Exceptions below
Break Schedule
May 29, 2023
Memorial Day Holiday
No Shuttle Service

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