Use TripShot to Track Shuttles

TripShot is our transportation management system for tracking shuttle locations. The app features a powerful suite of tools, including live shuttle tracking, real-time schedule updates, custom notifications for arrivals and delays, real-time schedule updates, and trip planning among other capabilities.

TripShot app also provides real time updates on shuttle delays and allows passengers to set notifications to alert them when their shuttle is approaching. The on-demand feature allows direct scheduling of rides with shuttle drivers, for Campus2Home and Med Escort. Passengers are notified within the app when their ride has arrived and is waiting.

TripShot also features on-demand requests, enabling those who use WashU Campus2Home and Medical Escort services to book rides directly within the app.

As a reminder, Medical Escort users need to be approved by WashU Health Services or Disability Resources in order to be eligible for rides.

For more information about our shuttles, visit WashU Shuttle System.

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