East End Garage

The East End Garage is located on the Danforth Campus in Zone 1. Enter the garage from the Wrighton Way and Forsyth intersection or the Forest Park Parkway and Hoyt intersection. It is available only to faculty and staff with visitors and Zone 1 permit holders. Visitor parking is also available.

Note: Any commercial or large vehicles need to use the exterior lanes of the garage only. Please do not use the center lanes.

Visitor Parking

  • Visitor parking is available on the first level, P1, of the East End Garage.
  • Please take your pulled tickets with you; no need to display on your dashboard.
  • Upon returning to the garage, pay at the pay station located near the pedestrian entrances before returning to your vehicle. Payment by credit card only. View garage rates
  • To leave the garage, please scan your paid parking ticket at the exit station. This will activate the gate arms to open.

Permit Holder Parking: Zone 1

  • Red permit parking is available in red permit designated spaces on P1.
  • Yellow permit parking is available on P2.