Garage Parking

Garage parking is available to visitors and those with eligible parking permits.

Visitors & Non-Permit Holders

For those without permits, pull a ticket at the garage entrance and park in a designated visitor space. When leaving, pay prior to exiting the garage. For specific parking areas and pay station locations, view Garage Instructions (PDF).

Garage Rates
0-2 hours: $2.00
2-4 hours: $4.00
4-6 hours: $6.00
6-10 hours: $9.00
Lost ticket fee: $25.00

Rates apply between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Payments accepted include: cash, debit and major credit cards. Only credit cards are accepted in the West Campus Garage.

Permit Holders

Please display your permit at all times while parked.

Garages are equipped with gate-arm technology. If you are an annual permit holder with garage access, will your RFID-enabled parking-permit hang tag will open the gate automatically at both the entrance and exit.

If you drive a vehicle with a windshield that cannot be penetrated by RFID, you will need to hold the permit outside your window at the entrance and exit, or mount on a specific area of your vehicle. View the List of RFID-inhibiting vehicles

Map of Danforth Campus Visitor Parking

Open Danforth Visitor Parking Map
Open Danforth Visitor Parking Map (PDF)

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