Danforth University Center (DUC) Garage

The Danforth University Center (DUC) Garage is located in Zone 2 under the Danforth University Center. You can access the DUC Garage by the Wallace and Forsyth intersection (northbound). The garage is available to annual red and Zone 2-eligible permit holders as well as visitors.

Note: Any commercial or large vehicles need to use the exterior lanes of the garage only. Please do not use the center lanes.

Visitor Parking

  • Daily visitor parking is available on the first level or on the down ramp to the second level. Please park in spaces marked as “Visitor” only.
  • Pay at the pay stations inside the north and south elevator vestibules on the first level or at the pay station at the exit.  View garage rates

Parking Validation

University departments may request ticket validation for visitors. Departmental charges will only incur when a ticket is validated and only for the amount of time the guest is parked. Visitors must park in a “Visitor” marked space. To request a validation, fill out the Request Event Parking form.

Permit Holder Parking: Zone 2

The second and third levels of the DUC garage are designated for annual permit holders eligible to park in Zone 2.