Visitor Parking

Welcome to the campus of Washington University in St. Louis!​ We encourage visitors to use the visitor parking meters/timed spaces located on campus or to park in the Danforth underground garage. All visitor metered/timed spaces are indicated in purple on the campus parking map.

Due to the limited amount of visitor parking, we ask that faculty, staff and students with permits do not use visitor parking.

Visitor parking information for:

Parking Meters

Located in a variety of locations on campus, visitor parking meters must be paid at a cost of 25 cents for 15 minutes for a maximum of two hours.

Please note that many of the parking meters on campus are double-sided, which means that one parking meter accepts coins and marks time for two separate parking spaces. If you are parking at one of these two-sided meters, please make sure that you select the appropriate space after inserting your coins. After you insert coins into the parking meter, you will be prompted to choose your space. Please select either the left arrow or the right arrow, according to the side on which your vehicle is parked.

Danforth Underground Garage

Hourly visitor parking is available in the Danforth underground garage located beneath the Danforth University Center. For details about parking in the garage, please read more about the Danforth underground garage.

Disabled Accessibility Parking

A Washington University parking permit is required to park on campus, even in disabled spaces. Purchase a one-day parking permit at the Parking & Transportation Services office or the campus bookstore in the Mallinckrodt Center and display it with your disabled placard or license plates in order to park in the disabled parking areas on campus. Disabled spaces can also be found in the Danforth underground garage, where you may pay for parking on an hourly basis.

Visitor Parking Permits

Visitors may purchase daily parking permits, both of which allow for parking in most yellow zones. Please note that daily visitor permits are not valid in the Danforth underground garage.

Daily parking permits are $5 and are available at the Parking & Transportation Services office and the campus bookstore in the Mallinckrodt Center.

If you require longer term parking, please contact us for other parking options.

Overnight Parking

Overnight visitors must display a valid parking permit at all times during the week. A valid one-day parking permit must be displayed for each calendar day that you park on campus.

If you visit on a weekend, you may park in any yellow zone without a parking permit from 5 p.m. Friday through 7 a.m. Monday, with the exception of the Danforth underground garage.

If you are visiting a campus resident on the northeast side of campus (The Village or Millbrook Square Apartments), yellow-zone parking is available in the Snow Way Garage (#29 on the parking map). Near the South 40, yellow-zone parking is available in lots #47 and #50 at Forsyth and Wallace.

Weekend Parking

Visitors may park in yellow zones without displaying a parking permit (with the exception of the Danforth underground garage) from 5 p.m. Friday through 7 a.m. Monday. Yellow-zone parking is also permitted on official university holidays, which include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Campus Transportation

The university offers a number of transportation options. Metro St. Louis provides transportation near and around the WashU campus. If you are not a WashU full-time student or benefits-eligible faculty or staff member with a current U-Pass, you will be required to pay the applicable Metro fare for your transportation.

Parking Tickets

If you are visiting the Washington University campus for the first time, it can be difficult to know and adhere to the parking policies. That is why our parking regulations include the “only ticket” policy, which applies to you if you have received only one ticket during the fiscal year, July 1 to June 30. This policy applies only to violations for no permit, incorrect zones or overtime at a meter; it does not cover any other violations, such as fire lane, blocking or displaying a fraudulent permit. Learn more about the “only ticket” policy and parking violations.