Please fill out the form below to request:

  • Authorization for Medical Transport around Danforth Campus
  • Change your current Parking Zone
  • Special exception to purchase a Parking Permit

These options should be considered supplemental to the Campus Circulator, which is ADA accessible, as well as other Accessible Parking & Transportation Options.

WashU employees can visit the HR website to seek workplace accommodations.

Student Request for P&T due to Disability or Temporary Condition

Condition Status

My limitations are related to a:

Documentation must be provided to Disability Resources’ Access WashU portal, or may be uploaded below.

  • Documentation must be provided from an appropriately qualified medical provider who has direct professional experience with the individual for this diagnosis, and having evaluated and assessed the nature of the condition noted, can speak to the associated functional limitations.
  • Documentation must include professional’s name, qualifications/licensure, place of business, and complete contact information.

Maximum file size: 51.2MB

PDF, jpeg, doc formats accepted.

Documentation for your temporary condition must be uploaded including:

  • Date of injury or onset and a clear diagnosis from a medical provider
  • Limitations or restrictions due to condition
  • The anticipated duration of the associated limitations

Maximum file size: 51.2MB

PDF, jpeg, doc formats accepted.


I would like to request: check all that apply

Once authorization is approved, you may request needed transportation via our TripShot app. The service is available during fall/spring academic terms, and may have numerous stops prior to pick up, and once aboard, depending on usage.

Medical Transport should not be viewed as a replacement for personal mobility devices or an individual’s responsibility to address campus navigation through Orientation & Mobility training. Transport may be closed at times due to inclement weather or administrative limitations. In such situations, individuals should be prepared to utilize the WashU Circulator and personal mobility/mobility devices as necessary for the campus navigation.

WashU students are responsible for their transportation to and from campus. Except where specifically noted by P&T policies or practices, the university does not transport students to/from off campus locations.

Upon approval, parking permits must be purchased by the individual. For temporary parking needs, rates are prorated based on the duration of authorization.

Access to parking on campus does not guarantee a preferred lot or zone, and will be determined based upon capacity and availability.

Temporary accessible parking may be issued with Habif support for up to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, individuals will need to speak to their medical providers for acquisition of a state issued temporary ADA parking placard.

Do you currently hold a permanent or temporary Accessible Parking placard issued by the state?
Does this request involve an exception to First Year Parking Restriction?